What is "Building A House"?

"Building A House" is a blog about my journey back to God. The name comes from Proverbs 24:3-4 (The Message), "It takes wisdom to build a house, and understanding to set it on a firm foundation; it takes knowledge to furnish its rooms with fine furniture and beautiful draperies."

No, this isn't going to be a blog about making my house look pretty - at least not pretty on the OUTSIDE. But, I'm going to be working on getting my house
"pretty" on the SPIRITUAL side. I'm coming back from a pretty dark place in my life after losing 8 babies to miscarriage. This blog is about my journey back
to the Lord.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Numbers 30:6-8

"When a woman who is living with her husband makes a vow or 
takes a pledge under oath and her husband hears about it but says nothing 
and doesn't say she can't do it, then all her vows and pledges are valid. 
But if her husband cancels them when he hears about them, then none of the 
vows and pledges that she made are binding. Her husband has cancelled them 
and God will release her. Any vow or pledge that she makes that me be to her 
detriment can be either affirmed or annulled by her husband. But if her husband 
is silent and doesn't speak up day after day, he confirms her vows and 
pledges - she has to make good on them. By saying nothing to her when he 
hears of them, he binds her to them. If, however, he cancels them sometime 
after he hears of them, he takes her guilt on himself." 
Numbers 30:10-15 (The Message)

Have you, as a woman, ever committed yourself to do something when you have felt overwhelmed with life as it is? I have. My husband doesn't always intervene - he doesn't hold his authority over my head as a thing of "I HAVE POWER AND YOU WILL DO AS I SAY, WOMAN!" He rarely even speaks up and "lets" me do pretty much what I want. But, there have been times where I've agreed to do something for someone and he has spoken up because for me to follow through with what I said would truly be to my detriment. 

Just tonight, we had a meeting for our daughter's class trip. They needed volunteers to help with fundraising and I was just taking notes left and right for what I was going to help with. He just leaned over and gently whispered, "Jen. Remember you have Mono." So, after the meeting, I spoke to the person in charge and simply said, "I have Mono, but I really want to help out. I have to take things day by day, so if I say I can help out but I have a setback, I'll try to let you know asap, but I may have to cancel last minute at times." (or something to that extent - I can't remember my exact words now.) She completely understood and instead of feeling angry that my husband showed his authority over me, I felt so loved because he was watching out for me and making sure I didn't over-commit myself. 

Ladies, if you're married and your husband grows concerned that you're overdoing it, listen to him. He just might know what he's talking about! 

And girls living at home with your fathers... Numbers 30:3-5 says something to you as well! I challenge you to look it up and really take it to heart. Fathers really do "know best" - especially when they're living under the veil of God.

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